A journey through time that begins in Mamoiada, with arcane symbols engraved on the stones by the forefathers and the silent wooden faces. In the afternoon you can choose to visit Orgosolo or Orani, two beautiful villages in the heart of Barbagia





Mamoiada, Sa Perda Pintà:
Guided visit to an extraordinary granit stele dating to the neolithic period, decorated with concentric circles that can be compared to several monuments of the Atlantic area. A place of mistery and sacredness, where you will be accompanied by an archaelogist.


Mamoiada, the mask workshop: We will meet an artisan who makes the wooden masks of mamuthones . He will show you all the phases of production from the log to the mask.


Mamoiada, the Mamuthones' house: The most important event in Mamoiada is the traditional carnival. Mamuthones and Issohadores are the characters of this ancient carnival full of mystery. We will take you to the place where masks and costumes are stored: you will have the opportunity to wear the mask and the sheep's leader of a real mamuthone.


Typical lunch


Afternoon activity options:

  • Orgosolo, walking among the murales: a walk through the old town, characterized by the mural
    paintings made since the 70s. The artworks were made by local and foreign artists, and are related to
    current topics.


  • Orani, on the footsteps of Nivola and Delitala: down the streets of the village you will discover the
    arworks of the local artists Costantino Nivola and Mario Delitala, following a path where art and
    memory merge.



Visiting a territory away from mass tourism, you will discover the ancient art of wool weaving and dying, romanic architechture and roman thermal baths, on the notes of ancestral sardinian chants called “tenores”.




Bitti, “Canto a tenore” museum: a multimedial museum that will allow you to immerse yourself in the ancestral sounds of this chants, recently declared world heritage by the U.N.E.S.C.O. 



Typical lunch


Nule, weaving workshop: guided by a local weaver, you will find out the old wool dying techniques and how Nule's famous rugs are weaved on the loom.


Benetutti, thermal baths and Saint Saturnino's church: a very interesting exemple of a site where human presence over the centuries is attested. The medieval church , romanic style, has been built over the remainings of a “nuraghe” to witness how important this place was. Within a short period of time , in roman age, the Aquae Lesitonae thermal center was founded: thee thermal baths in this area are still functioning today.