Dedicated to experienced hikers only, Incantos is a 6 days trekking ideated by Mario Calaresu. The hike starts on Oliena's supramonte and goes through enchanted places like  Pradu, Sovana, Su Cusidore, Pentumas, Lanaitho, Campu Donanigoro, Campu Su Mutrecu, Su Dusterru, Flumeneddu, Silana, Cala Luna, engaging hikers with rappeling, climbings and speleo-archeology. This is a tough and challenging experience but it will be worth it for the unique emotions that wild nature gives.



For everyone who wants to try the sensation of being suspended in the air in total security, even not knowing climbing techniques, sardinian vie ferrate are a great compromise. Choose between Cabirol, Pentumas and Plumare: if you book with us, we will offer you the assistance of an expert and all the necessary equipment.

multisport packages

Custom packages three or more days long, where you can combine different outdoor activities: trekking, climbing, canyoning, vie ferrate, kayaking.