Granny's vegetables soup

Nana Chicca is a great connoisseur of spontaneus herbs and will take us in the country side to teach us how to recognize them and pick them up. You can choose to stay with us and eat her famous herbal soup, made with the herbs that we have picked up during the day, or other delicious things based on herbs.




In Mamoiada there are many artisans that realize wooden masks for people to wear during traditional carnival. We will meet one of them who will show you all the phases of production from the log to the mask. Then he will hand you chisel and hammer to sketch out your first mask.




In a traditional bakery you will learn how to knead and bake “su pane modde”a local bread that you can eat freshly baked.

We also offer you a cooking-class to learn how to cook “su pane frattau” a speciality of Mamoiada.



let's make cheese

Every day the shepherd milks his sheeps and part of the milk is later turned into fresh cheese. He will show you the phases of lavoration and you could prepare your own cheese wheel to take home.